Friday, December 24, 2010

traveling spoons...Merry Christmas!

Well I am off and traveling... Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go..oh wait, its into the car and off down the highway and I've left the good food behind.

We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve and then mom and I headed off to Pennsylvania to visit Grandma, aunts and unc
les and cousins, leaving the rest of the family at home with the leftovers from our annual Christmas dinner. So as I said this spoon is off and traveling...

So the table is all set....what exactly will we be enjoying?

We started off withPetticoat salad(or at least that is what mom call's it and we have decide to leave it at that, because the original name is Goldand Onyx Gem Salad and that is more complicated for the tongue and the brain) and Welsh Rarebit...with a flare.

Janelle made the Petticoat salad, a mixture of boston lettuce, fresh pineapple, black beans (from Kristin's garden once upon a time), avocado, red onion, and mint (to replace the cilantro - which Janelle definitely doesn't eat).