Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Strawberry Moon

The moon over Kendall Lake.
It was a full moon on Tuesday and the local national park had a full moon walk.  I have been wanting to go and would always forget or have a conflict, but being June, sunsets are late and the hike wasn't till 9 o'clock.  However, I opted to go anyway and was rewarded with the sounds of a great horned owl hooting, the sight of the space station speeding across the night sky, my first spottings of this years lightning bugs, choruses of peepers and try frogs, and a bright moon on the horizon lighting up the night.

June's full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon or the Rose Moon and I left the hike anxious to find some strawberries to make a pie.  So Saturday morning after running a 5K, I watched the roadside for signs of strawberries for sale.  I spotted a couple of Amish boys sitting at the end of a drive with strawberries in their buggy.  I was going to buy two quarts but he didn't have enough change, so I bought 4 quarts and called my mother, who was glad to take some fresh strawberries.  I already had plans to make rhubarb compote with the Colonel Mustard, so I opted to make the strawberry pie while the compote cooked down.

As I waited for the pie crust to cool, I tantalized my family with talk of the coming pie and left everyone eagerly waiting.  Unfortunately, for everyone, I opted to take a picture of the pie on the porch before putting it in the fridge to cool, when the swinging of the screen door hit my arm and sent the pie flying.  All that was left in the pan was a jumble of strawberries and broken crust that may have consisted of about a fourth of the pie.....  Needless, to say the family was disappointed.  Mom helped me dish it into bowls and top it with ice cream, but as the Colonel said, "In this case, more is better," ..... and there were no seconds.  Don't worry, mom made a fresh strawberry pie on Sunday evening.

What was left of the pie.

Slaughtered Strawberry Pie in a Bowl

The Rhubarb Compote