Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Adventures in the Kitchen

Well, I have been doing a little adventuresome cooking recently and thought perhaps I would share it.

This first one, I have no visuals of the finished product, but just know it was quickly scarfed up by my friends who were over for dinner - well all except for Luke, my good two year old friend who liked the color but not the taste. I was surprised though when he actually tried and swallowed some fresh beet without the dressing. It was a spinach beet salad with a rice vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and hot chili sesame oil. I of course didn't measure and just dumped but about 4:1 vinegar to soy sauce and then just a little of the sugar and oil.

The red beets were from my garden. Um-mm...

The spinach was mandolin cut and then you tossed it together and added the dressing.

The next adventure happened after I visited the farmer's market that was located next to the 5K I ran on Saturday morning for Ohio Adaptive Sports. I purchased a few tomatillos and the lady at the booth says she likes to make a sauce with them and avocados, lucky for me I happened to have some on hand. Well I didn't really have a recipe and she said she uses sour cream which I didn't have, so I just threw some things together, I am not sure I could even tell you what. It turned out pretty good. I made some tortellini and ate it on top like a sauce. I also liked it with crackers.

And last of all with the cooler days, I made a salmon chowder. Nice and warm and filling.

Now one of these days I am going to have to try making clam chowder....