Saturday, April 9, 2011

Late Night "Breakfast"

When the cats' are away, the mice.... err, kittens.... will play. (Don't worry mom, we cleaned up afterwards, I think.) The Colonel fixed eggs, while I made coffee. Yes, that is right I made coffee....and I hate to admit it, but I drank TWO cups - well my size cups, so maybe one cup.

I love veggies, especially in eggs.

Mom left hamburger in the fridge, it was a nice addition to our omelette.

I feel sorry for you, if the colonel has never made you an omelette, because he makes a very good omelette, always beautiful and delicious.

Indian Expresso Coffee, an interesting concoction. You mix instant coffee with plenty of sugar (2 TBSP:3TBSP) and then mix in a little milk (1 TBSP) and mix...and mix....and mix, until you have a nice thick paste. Then you take some of the paste, add a little milk (1/2 cup), microwave a little, stir well (yeah, Colonel, even if I forget to tell you to, you still need to) - till smooth, add a little more milk, microwave a little more, sprinkle with cocoa and cinnamon and ENJOY! I typically would say "as if that is possible", but I actually did kind of enjoy it.

My second cup....