Friday, March 31, 2017

What Lies Ahead --Success or Failure? We are Banking on Success. Here Comes April.

Well, Tinbugs here, hoping for another successful April.  We missed the theme reveal this year despite having talked about it multiple times and having a theme picked out by the new year.....

Although I have been planning to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge the entire time, I have been struggling to get motivated, not because I am unexcited about our theme this year but rather because my camera has been on the blinks.....and somehow I just couldn't be excited without being able to share with you all on some level a visual stimulus of the food I would love to share with you, if it were that you were here on my very own front porch.  I had sent my camera to get fixed earlier in the year and got it back just before lending my other camera to a friend who is in New Zealand until June, only to find out that it wasn't really fixed and I needed to send it back again.  I was beginning to think that I would not be able to do the challenge this year as desired and began to think of other ways to participate and in doing that came up with another theme that I find equally exciting (My NaNoWriMo Rebellion meets April) and now instead of trying to do just one blog, I have somehow talked myself into doing two blogs through April, because my camera arrived back yesterday---and hopefully it is truly fixed this time.  Perhaps I am setting myself up for failure all around, but lets hope not.

So what is the theme for Travelling Spoons this year?

Ah...but I had that recipe all along.

The plan for this year's April blogging is to just make recipes from cookbooks we already own (or recipes we have already collected), no heading to the internet or library this year in search of a recipe to fit our needs, only to our very own shelves and crooks and crannies.

Now don't worry that there won't be variety, as my cookbook and recipe collection is quite extensive. I will even give a quick glimpse into some of those crooks and crannies...

This is my official cookbook cupboard.

And unfortunately, these don't fit in my cookbook cupboard.
And there are a few more about the house, that were recently being perused.

My recipe box that needs reorganized.

My personally collected recipe book.....needs some work also....

And if all that fails....grandma's recipe collection or at least some of it.
And in case you are still worried, none of this includes Vanilla Bean or the Colonel's own stashes of recipes.