Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Old and the New....But Yet Not So Different

I got a new cookbook this week, but wouldn't you know it the first recipe I made out of it was one of the first recipes I ever remembering following as a child.  I can still see the spot in my mother's now non existent kitchen where she kept her cookbooks and remember over there and reaching down for that particular cookbook.  I don't remember making any other recipes out of that cookbook, so here it is from my new cookbook - Waldorf Salad.


Roasting the Walnuts

Ready to Mix

Ready to Eat!

Someone once told me they would like to see my cupboard, because
I was telling them what all went in a recipe and they said
they would never have all those things on hand....well here is
my booby trapped spice cupboard, beware if you every try to raid it.

Something about making Waldorf Salad this evening had my mind thinking of Anna, when I walked out to get the mail, I looked across the field and wished she was there to share some salad with - although I am sure she would have had supper already done and over with, but instead I am sitting at my folks sharing it with my mother and enjoying the Olympics....perhaps that is why I was thinking of her, four years ago when they were in London she was still just across the field instead of across the long winding paths of our memories.