Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

A few weekends ago, the three of us were able to spend a "siblings weekend" together  at a local state park where one of us (read Tinbugs) was participating in a mini triathlon for breast cancer research, part of the girls tri too series.  We had a great time, and even had time to do a little bit of cooking.

We started out the weekend by seeing a beautiful sunset out across the lake, and ended with a breakfast pizza as we rushed to get out of the cabin and back on the road by checkout time. In between we hiked (a smidge), waded in the water...ignoring the pigeons, plotted the opening scene of our future Murder Mystery Supper, checked out a garage sale, ate ice cream and fried cheese at Young's Dairy, painted, watched movies on cable tv, painted water lilies, alliums (purple puff ball flowers), and Lake Atitlan, cheered on Tinbugs, and in between had a lot of good conversation.

A few snaps from the race, which consisted of  250 meter swim, 7 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run:

Waiting on the beach... almost time.

1 part down, 2 to go

A proud member of the Tinbugs Fan Club walking to get a better view of the running section of the race.

Almost to the finish line... just a quarter mile to go.

Booyah!!! That race was so rocked.

And, since I probably should say something about cooking, our "big" recipe of the weekend? An Autumn Tart from a Polish blog we stumbled across on FoodGawker.

The start....

           Ready for the oven....

                         Ready for some eating.....

 If you are looking for something light and beautiful, and have a bit of time on your hands, consider making this tart. It was very good and beautiful, but took a bit of time to slice all the veggies. Maybe because we used a peeler to get the thin slices?  In our version we exchanged the eggplant for summer squash and baked it in a rectangular roasting drip pan, as that was what we could find in the cabin cupboard.

The Painters

The Paintings

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