Thursday, January 23, 2014

(Belated) Thanksgiving Survey Results

I was going through a notebook from last fall and realized I had never posted the results to the pre-Thanksgiving survey.  (Original post HERE).

It turned out to be a fun survey.  The reliability or accuracy of the results, though...that might be more than a bit on the questionable side.  (Half of my respondents were classmates from other parts of the world who have likely never celebrated a Thanksgiving meal before but who were kind enough to take my survey/give me fake results so that I would have enough responses to complete the project.)  So, without further ado or disclaimers, here are some of the results for your amusement:

Who knew? Thanksgiving has transitioned into an international holiday! We had survey takers from all around the world- Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe.  Only South America appears to be a continent still in need of embracing this North American institution. Computer use also appears to have spiked  in the centenarian population.  A whopping four  centenarians took my survey!  I think perhaps I should have added some celebratory cake to the imaginary menu.

Nearly everyone was serving meat on the table (75%) with most opting for the traditional turkey. Even a few terduckens made an appearance.

In the savory sides department- mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, fried sweet potatoes/yams, noodles, and stuffing/dressing (>40%  of all meals served) were the most likely choices hitting the table s to stuff us to the gills. Along with the turkey and sides, a few included a  healthy salad (35%) to balance things out.  Also, add some cranberries to your meal order.  Seventy five percent agreed, hands down, that they thought cranberries needed to be on the Thanksgiving table.  That's more votes than even the turkey got! (50%)  What everyone was a little more divided about, however, was the particulars of just how to eat those cranberries - jellied, relish, some other way... And only a very small fraction were open to eating them any way they could get them. They wanted cranberry, and they wanted them their way.

But last of all PIE! Everyone (er, or 90% of everyone)  loves pie. Especially if it comes in pumpkin, chocolate, or apple.   Cherry? Peach? Mincemeat? Pecan? We've got takers for those too! Which is perfect actually, because today turns out to be National Pie Day.

Happy memories of Thanksgiving eating, everybody. Maybe, I'll just have to go make a January pie... It is National Pie Day after all.


  1. I accidentally hit google + not sure what that will do or how to undo it! oh well. Why couldn't you wait till February to pst this, now I am in mood for pie and have to wait a week to eat it........

  2. Hehe. So does that mean you will be making pie this week?