Friday, January 31, 2014

Camaraderie and Culinary Delights

So it is a Friday night and maybe I should be whipping up some culinary delight, but instead I am watching the hours slip by from my couch, while trying to talk myself into making my grocery list.  It is the Super Bowl this weekend and typically that would have me excited, and part of me is, well at least I think it is, but it seems the closer and closer it gets, the more and more it weighs on me.  What I really want to do is scour the internet and my cookbooks for the most wonderful recipes and spend the day in my kitchen making a mess.  Then enjoy some good camaraderie and wonderful delicacies, over a back drop of some good football - with ViolinFingers (as Vanilla Bean dubbed her), and, of course, the Viking, too.  But ViolinFingers is no longer here, and I have a youth Super Bowl party - don't get me wrong, I love the youth, I love to hang out with them, and I would pick them for a Super Bowl party over many choice, but right now I miss ViolinFingers, I miss oohing and awing over new and wonderful culinary dishes that we've made, and what better time to do that then the Super Bowl, so today I am sad.
Don't worry, though, I will share some good food with you this evening.  This is a treat I afforded myself just before Thanksgiving, as I grieved the loss of ViolinFingers.  It was a recipe her and the Viking had shared with me and can be found in the cookbook they gave me one Christmas.  I won't mention I sequestered poor Vanilla Bean to the far reaches of the house by frying up these delicious strips of chicken, something about them stirred up her allergies something fierce, but the rest of us enjoyed them.

A Treasured Cookbook.

Thai Chicken Skewers with Side of Cucumber

Who could turn down this, well, other than Vanilla Bean.
Have a good Super Bowl and perhaps I will cook up something tasty.  And maybe somehow I will manage to swing by the Viking's for a little camaraderie, Super Bowl worthy snacks, and football.  

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  1. Missing ViolinFingers too. (And enjoying the lovely Thai Chicken Skewers much more from a distance of several hundred miles and a computer screen!! looks like a tasty feast...for you. smile)