Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Night Clue

Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with the....uhhh....pastry brush?

Had a good evening with the colonel making Poached Pear and Ricotta Turnovers in celebration of his 30th birthday.

The filo dough was a little past its prime, but a little extra butter ...yeah not so good for me, but it worked - it was all we had. And we didn't have fresh pears, so a can of pears with a dash of vanilla, worked for this Saturday night endeavor.

Wrapping them up and enjoying the treats....birthday boy kept the leftovers.

To wash it down, we enjoyed some Thai tea I had brought back from Cambodia. Delicious!

The Colonel may have gotten the leftover turnovers, but I took home my black tea dust, so he will just have to invite me over if he wants some Thai tea.

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