Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bright Sun Brings Bright Ideas...or Cold and Starving Bicyclists

Spread a crepe like pancake with blueberry
 jam and sprinkle with white stilton
Note: This is an old post that has been sitting as a draft for over a month or so.  I initially wrote this post much more elegantly, but a computer glitch led to the post disappearing somewhere into the unknown and I never took the time to rewrite it and now some of the eloquence of the post and details of the day (other then the cold, hunger, and joy of getting out on my bike) have faded, but I loved the title so I did the best I could.

Fold in quarters, sprinkle with
cinnamon sugar.
So I live in Ohio and it is December.  Well I was lucky enough to only have to work part of the day on Friday and it was all paperwork, so I could do it from home.  I woke up early and worked for 1 1/2 -2 hours and then headed off to the pool with a friend who happened to have the day free.  We have been swimming a couple miles a week at the local Y and since we were both available in the morning, we had arranged to go at 9.  She asked what I planned to do the rest of the day, and I of course had some more paperwork to do, but there had been a possibility of seeing a patient near the national park on this particular day, but it fell through, however when I thought it would be my only patient of the day I had consoled myself of the drive with the plan to take my bike along and spend some time on the bike trail, so I mentioned it to her.  She thought it sounded fun and said she would go along if I ended up going, so we made plans to go after lunch - after I had finished my paperwork and her some painting.
Fry a second time.
We headed north around 2 PM and started out on the Towpath Trail once we got to the park, but soon turned back as the trail was wet and had a clay like consistency, making it difficult and messy.  We loaded up our bikes and headed to the bike and hike trail which is paved.  It proved to be a much nicer ride that day but a little more up and down.  It was an enjoyable ride, but after 16 miles we found despite the warmer December day, it was still December and as the sun set, we found our already chilled bodies getting even colder especially my toes and we were never so glad to see the end of the trail.  Chilled and hungry we loaded up our bikes and headed home, planning a feast as we drove.  I planned to make blueberry stilton pancakes and homemade mozzarella sticks, while she planned to make a spinach and egg dish.  I also offered to help her do some painting, since I had distracted her from her initial plans for the day.  
Mozzarella Sticks - had a little trouble
 coating them, but gave up and just
 cooked them, since we were hungry.

The ride was cold and the end welcome but I would do it again tomorrow - although I would probably wear thicker socks.

Spinach, Potato, and Egg

And yes, we did get some painting done, at least a first coat.

A couple shots from the Bike and Hike trail from a ride this past summer.

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