Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dough and lots of it!

Our youth group is looking forward to a missions/discipleship training trip to Costa Rica next year, but in order to prepare for that we will be needing to do several fundraising activities.  With Christmas approaching we decided selling logs of cookie dough would be a creative and different way to raise funds, so we sent the kids off to get orders.
Last Saturday morning came and we gathered at the church with lots of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, as well as orders for over 200 cookie rolls.

On Friday night I made a couple of batches using Fleishmann's unsalted margarine and a flaxseed/water mixture (1Tbsp/3Tbsp) to replace the butter and egg for a couple of my friends who had need for cookies without those ingredients because of allergies.  I baked up a few to make sure they turned out okay, the turned out quite alright.

Preparing for Candy Cane Pinwheels
Preparing for Chocolate Mint Stripes

Some pinwheels baking up.

The big day.  We were blessed with great participation from the youth and glad for their hard work.  We were also grateful for the mothers who volunteered to help too.

Youth working on the Chocolate Mint Stripes.

Getting the chocolate layers ready to stack.
Working on the pinwheels.
Some more pinwheel work.
Mocha Marble Rolls
Packing the orders.
Our mothers hard at work.

Every year our youth like to have a $5/white elephant gift exchange, so during break time we enjoyed pizza for lunch and gift time.

Decisions - open my gift or steal someone else's?

I was thinking of cookie orders and dough making and never made it to the store, so I spent Friday evening while I was making dairy free/egg free cookie dough thinking about what I would have at home to put in the exchange.  Well, what I came up with was a little art project, that if none of the youth were excited about it, I would gladly take home again.  I took some photos I had from my summer trip out west, a piece of scrapbook paper, a canvas board, acrylic paint, alcohol inks, and glossy Mod Podge.  I wrote excerpts of verses out on the scrapbook paper and tore the edges.  I painted the canvas board with a red brown wash, then I arranged them around the pictures on the canvas board and glued them down.  I then dapped the project randomly with the alcohol ink and then sealed it with Mod Podge.  I don't have a picture of the finished project because I put it in the package wet since I was running out of time, but it turned out least I thought so.  I didn't end up bringing it home, there were two youth who had also been out west and at all of the places that I had put on the canvas and the boy who got was excited to take it home and had little desire to trade it for something else.

Laying out the design.
Waiting for a layer of the Mod Podge to dry.
And just in case we didn't have enough of cookies, we got together with the junior youth on Wednesday and baked and decorated some cookies to share with our neighbors.  We also had a little bit of time for a couple rounds of Dixit.

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