Sunday, December 2, 2012

Late Night Painting

Well, usually I would probably be embarrassed to tell anyone I was on the computer at this time of day (or rather night), but I have already spent two hours trying to sleep, another 1.5-2 hours painting, and went through 2 piles of paper that needed sorted.  All to no avail of getting a good nights sleep, well I am finally getting tired, so maybe after this I will fall asleep....only to get up in 2 hours...yuk.   I did have 1/2 a cup of chai tea after supper, but typically that doesn't bother me, so I am guessing it is something else keeping me up.

 So here I am passing time till I fall asleep and thought I would share a little of our Thanksgiving.  I only have one picture of Thanksgiving dinner and a few from our after dinner walk, prior to our engaging in a pumpkin pie dessert, which was actually a light supper for all of us - much better than trying to stuff ourselves at lunch - but don't worry we had plenty to eat.

I brought cranberry relish and mom had made turkey and mash potatoes, as well as stuffed mushrooms, corn, lima beans, and sweet potatoes.  Quite tasty and very colorful.
Dad and Mom resting on our afternoon walk.
Colonel Mustard, Tinbugs, and Vanilla Bean.
Since Vanilla Bean stayed for the weekend, she requested we would get together to have cheese fondue on Saturday night.  She made the fondue, while mom - who we greatly appreciate, made homemade bread, steamed veggies, and pumpkin pie (although I will take credit for making the pie long as everybody liked it).  The pumpkin pie she made for Thanksgiving disappeared quickly and she had several requests for more, so she enlisted me to make pie crust and she made the filling.  I also made a batch of Ale81 ice cream, yum.  
Vanilla Bean preparing the fondue (and humoring me by holding the Ale81 bottle.
And Mom measuring items for the pumpkin pie.

The Gang ready to partake.
Dipping Broccoli
Yum!  Ale81 Ice Cream.
Dad cutting the pumpkin pie.

What an enjoyable weekend, so much to be thankful for.

Here is a glimpse at the start of my late night painting.

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