Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mangos, Mangos, Mangos

Note: I just published a post from December 15, if anyone is interested, it had been posted previously and removed almost simultaneously due to technical difficulties in which the bulk of the text had disappeared, most likely because of user error.

I was at the grocery earlier this week and found them on sale for 4 for $5 and couldn't resist, so I came home with 4 mangoes and have enjoyed them all week so much that I bought a couple more today.  I ate some plane for breakfast, made a mango chicken stir fry one day, and today made mango salsa, as well as a mango salsa chicken crockpot dish, that I served over rice.

Wonderful Mangoes.
Chicken Mango Stir Fry
Crockpot Mango Salsa Chicken - made this for some friends, it would have
fed a couple more, sorry I didn't invite you.

Just plain Mango.

Crockpot Mango Salsa Chicken
1 can black beans
1 pkg frozen corn
7 boneless skinless chicken breasts
3 cups mango salsa (mangoes, jalapeƱo, onion, lime juice, cilantro)

Cooked on low for 8 hours and served over rice.  With some guacamole and chips, as well as some leftover mango salsa.

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