Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for.....Apples

I know, I know....apples....yeah, not very original, but too bad....because I have a thing for apples.  One year, I collected 25 different varieties of apples from various orchards and farms markets, and I could tell them apart just by looking at them.  It probably sounds kind of strange, but it was for my fall party trivia game and I had fun with it.  Several of the varieties I had that year I had never heard of before and I haven't managed to get my hands on one of them again.  One of those varieties was a Sheepnose, a variety which according to my mother grew in the cow pasture on the farm she grew up on.

That strange madness that led me on that wild exploration to collect all those apples, has left me with an appreciation of different kinds of apples and their different uses.  As far as eating apples goes, it all seems to depend on my mood what apple I am looking to chomp into...but usually it is a fuji, however I also like Jazz and Gala.  However, hands down my favorite for applesauce is Cortland, something about its beautiful pink color just makes it look so fresh when pulled out of the freezer on a mid winter day.

So, when I offered to make dessert for Easter, it just so happened I had a bag of apples sitting around.  This particular time, it was a bag full of Jonagolds, typically not my first pick, but at my local bulk foods store it was one of two choices the day I was shopping - Golden Delicious or Jonagolds it was.  What did I make?

An apple thyme tart/pie.  A rather different combination, but I was looking for something a little lighter - it always seems we have little room for dessert till it arrives...and my mom happened to have a thyme plant that was sprouting out green leaves for the new spring season.
Not saying it was a "to die for pie" or that I would be excited to drive 3000 miles for a piece, but it was good, and I would make it again in the right setting, definitely unique...of course, maybe if I had used Kanzi apples like it asked for instead of Jonagolds, maybe it would have been a "to die for pie", but I had never heard of a Kanzi apple before and had no idea where to go to get my hands on one.... but then again according to wikipedia, the first limited group of Kanzi's only reached the US in 2014 and I don't exactly live in a booming metropolis that would be on the frontline of that, so I settled for I had, and it turned out just fine, but if I ever happen upon a Kanzi (you know that is Swahili for hidden treasure) I will have to test it out.

One last dish of Cortland applesauce before I have to wait for next fall.


  1. Wow, 25 varieties of apples...I didn't even know that many existed! Apple and thyme sounds like an unusual combination, love thyme so should be good to try out, though I am thinking a salad, not pie :)

    Great start for A.


    1. Actually, a salad would probably pare the two together better, as it is a different flavor than you expect in a pie.

  2. I'm feeling a bit stupid about apples right now. Check that. I'm feeling a tiny bit smarter about apples!!! I tend to buy Gala apples. I admit that I'm not a real big apple fan, so I mostly use them for breakfast. I cut up one (using half at a time) and mix it with plain Greek yogurt. Not every day, but often. I like the crunch (and substance) it gives to the yogurt.

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  4. I love apples, too. Reminds me to make an apple crumble.

  5. I am so glad you followed directions and put (CU) next to your blog. Mine is culinary as well, but it's my first challenge and I didn't follow directions. The reason I am glad is because I would not have found yours in the list without the tag. I love the look of your blog, your images are amazing and the subject matter is right up my alley. Thank you and good luck!

  6. I love apples! My grandmother always made chunky applesauce for me. Loved it. No clue what apples grew on her tree, but that's what she used. My fave is Gala. Love em!
    Have a great weekend!

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  7. Just wanted to say that your thyme tart looks amazing!!

    Farin from The Newest Vazquez

  8. That dessert is so beautiful! Like a rose. When we moved to Eugene, I discovered Opal apples. They're crazy sweet, firm, and have a strong floral scent, which I didn't expect at all. They're very seasonal, so I look forward to them each year.