Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Blueberry Donuts

B is for blueberry donuts....or, in the case of Madame Blueberry, just about anything blueberry will do.  Do you remember what you would ask for on your birthday when you were a kid?  My mom always let us pick what kind of cake we wanted.....and I always picked blueberry cheesecake.  I liked cheesecake, but I loved blueberries....still do as a matter of fact.

Blueberry Donuts

So I was reading a book this evening, a favorite of mine actually - The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson, and one of the main characters, Janner, was enjoying his 13th birthday dinner, which included: "spiced roasted shadhaunch, butterfire biscuits, hogpig gravy, pumpkin soup, soakbeans, and herder's meatpie", as well as thirteen honeymuffins.  I am sure all of that is good, I for one love pumpkin soup...or at least butternut squash soup is one of my favorites, it says it was all of Janner's favorites, but if it was me...I would have included blueberries, lots of wonderful blueberries.

Sorry, to disappoint any of you with this knowledge, but I am not a skilled donut maker....I leave that to Lerch's, and it just so happened last weekend was one of those rare times they make their delicious blueberry donuts.  And yes, for any who are curious, I did partake.

For any, who happened to miss out, may I suggest some good reading -- The Wingfeather Saga, and if you any interest in supporting a fun project, if you are reading this soon after if it was posted you may want to check out this kickstarter project.

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  1. I am a blueberry fanatic too :D and I love anything with blueberries in them. Those donuts look scrumptious!
    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks! Blueberries are so awesome. Good luck with A2Z. Sounds like you will have quite a bit of writing ahead of you this month :)

  2. We're in business. You've got the doughnuts and I've got the coffee. I've been trying to avoid a snack, but now you've got me hungry.

    1. LOL! Nice! I'll join in you with the coffee. Madame Blueberry will probably stick to her tea though :D

  3. LOVE blueberries, but not as much as raspberries. Now I want a donut.

  4. Love some behind-the-scenes insight to the donut world.

    Farin from The Newest Vazquez