Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for... Upside Down Buckwheat Cupcakes

Inspired by this absolutely gorgeous looking upside down rhubarb cake over at Real Simple that is definitely going on my list of things to make once I get my hands on some rhubarb, and Tinbugs brownie for one recipe the other day, I set out this afternoon to see if I could make an upside down cupcake for one with buckwheat flour.

Hurdle #1:
All the buckwheat cake and cupcake recipes I could find called for ingredients I couldn't use- eggs, almonds, gluten free rice/garbanzo bean flours, bananas or that I just couldn't use today- milk, yogurt, wheat flour.

After awhile, I gave up and just used a partial pancake recipe with extra sugar, cocoa powder, and less water.  (This is the "it works!" version only for someone on a very limited diet. Otherwise, this is the "meh" kind of take it or leave it cake option.  Try a different version if you have any alternative!!)

Hurdle #2:
How long to bake it for?  All the recipes I looked at said 350 for 15 minutes.  Yeah.... Not so much for these.  Unfortunately for me, I forgot that only half the cupcakes had the upside down jelly/butter topping. Turns out, only the ones with no topping were done. The ones with the topping were only baked  on the outside. I stuck my knife into one of the no topping ones, but I wanted to eat one of the topping ones.  I let them cool. I flipped them upside down.  I thought they looked awesome.  Then I cut into one. (I should have noticed the slowly forming sinkholes in the tops and been more wary.)

Instead, I took a few photos while I munched on pieces of one of the plain mini-cakes and tried to pretend it didn't taste like a green tea flavored, too dry muffin.

Once I cut into one, it flowed like a lava cake. This is a great thing in a molten chocolate lava cake made from wheat and butter and eggs and so on that turns into an awesome gooey, decadent pudding. This is terrible thing in a buckwheat flour mini cupcake. Like disgusting and inedible kind of terrible. Sigh.

Hurdle #3:
Salvaging the disaster into my dessert for dinner.  Like I mentioned before, I had made a couple upside down cupcakes and a couple just cupcakes. There was still a plain cupcake left.  Perfect for making a jam layer cake cupcake!

Not as pretty, but way tastier! Not a complete fail. Maybe.  Now, if only I could fluff this up with some whip cream....

Next time though, I'll leave all the extras aside and just stick to slathering jam on my pancakes.

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