Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for.....Central Christian School Alumni Cookbook

So yesterday was a 80th anniversary cookbook, today is a 40th anniversary cookbook.  This cookbook I have used more than yesterday's and it has a number of recipes in it that I like, but today I chose a rather simple one --- Edna's Pancakes.

My choice was largely influenced by my forgetfulness over the weekend.  I had been looking forward to a local church's Maple Syrup Festival that they have every year to raise money for missions and I managed to forget about when Saturday morning rolled around.  However, my good friend who goes to church there gladly agreed to get me a pint of maple syrup on Sunday and offered to pick me up some sausage also.  Sunday afternoon after watching "Singing in the Rain" at one of the local high schools, I stopped by her house to pick it up.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, her boys were watching Zootopia and sucked me into the end of it, followed by a reading of Dr. Suess's "Fox in Socks"(read by their 7 year old)  and then "Green Eggs and Ham" (read by me after being prodded by their 3 year old), my one pack of sausage was starting to thaw till I got home so I put it in the refrigerator to use this week.

My own Pancake Breakfast.

Sonnenberg Maple Syrup -- I am not really a syrup person when it comes
to pancakes, I would rather wrap my pancake around a sausage and add
mustard, however in this case, I put some syrup on my pancakes.


  1. The next time I hoist my store-brand syrup over homemade pancakes, I'll die a little inside. I'd love to find some of this type of syrup to really round out the breakfast glory. (Although it's glorious enough to serve at lunch or dinner, too.)


    #AtoZChallenge: C is for Cat

  2. I have many cookbooks, too. I like maple syrup on my pancakes and French toast. Real syrup.